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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products are sold on this website?

On this website, we sell four types of products:

  1. There are various types of graphic design templates.
  2. All paid courses are available in English and Hindi.
  3. Paid themes for WordPress and Shopify.
  4. Paid plugins for WordPress.

There is a team of 10 to 20 individuals working on this website.

Our goal is to assist freelancers or individuals looking to start small-scale projects who may not be able to invest large sums initially. By offering our products at affordable prices, we aim to help them make a profit and succeed in their ventures.

Yes, if you wish to collaborate with us, you can earn by selling our products through affiliate links.

Our primary aim is to support freelancers or individuals interested in pursuing small-scale projects by providing them with affordable resources. Additionally, we facilitate the exchange of services on our platform to assist individuals in enhancing their businesses.

Absolutely! If you possess skills such as web design, SEO, or operating an online store, you can offer your services on our platform.

We carefully vet each product and collaborate with reputable creators to maintain high standards of quality.

Yes, we provide customer reviews and testimonials to help potential buyers make informed decisions about their purchases.

We accept various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, Jazz Cash, and other secure online payment gateways, to provide convenience to our customers.

We have a clear refund and return policy in place to address any dissatisfaction or issues with the products. Customers can contact our support team for assistance in processing refunds or returns.